orignal ; pretty boy’s dog ; arturo/clarence ; breakup song


The first time you leave him is hard and the second time you leave him is harder and by the third time you leave him, you feel as though you might die, or worse.

Sitting in the front seat of your old car, the radio is blasting, drowning out the sound that the rain makes on your car. It’s coming down hard, and heavy. Every drop on your car feels like a weight, and apart of you hopes it might crush you in the end.

Some part of you knew that things would always turn out this way, that _Arturo_ would always turn out this way.

But still…
Was it so bad you’d hoped?

The song on the radio is some cliche, soft song about lost love. Normally you’d laugh and switch the channel. But your heart feels like it might leap out of your chest, and your every limb feels numb; you couldn’t change it if you tried.

Oh, I built a world around you
Oh, you had me in a dream
I lived in every word you said…

There’s cotton in your throat and it feels like no amount of digging will free it. You’re stuck with it, and it hurts. Everything hurts.

The stars had aligned
I thought that I found you

You shut your eyes tight to hold in the tears. It feels like you’ve finally run out of breath. It feels like you might die…

You sing along in a broken, sad voice.

And I don’t wanna love somebody else…


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